I said ‘Diwali” not “die vaalie”

In case you’re curious, when I mention that I am celebrating Diwali it is entirely unnecessary to: Ask “So you’re Hindu but you still believe in Jesus, right?” Look at me and say “Die vaalie? What’s die vaalie?” (okay, that one I can forgive because it’s funny) Try and help me out by saying “It’sContinue reading “I said ‘Diwali” not “die vaalie””

His name is Thomas

As I leave my air-conditioned office I wonder what a nightmare traffic will be on the way home. I need to get dog food and I must not forget to water the garden (if disobedient grass, suicidal plants and a growing collection of rocks could be called a garden). I wonder why I work soContinue reading “His name is Thomas”

I’m not racist but…

Now I am far from perfect but there are few things that aggravate me more than: People who say “I’m not racist, but…” and then proceed to contradict themselves (these are perhaps also the same folks who like to tell you how they “have a Black /White /Indian /Coloured friend” or how much they likeContinue reading “I’m not racist but…”

The more I learn the less I know: A visit to Soweto

To think that in my 31 odd years of being South African and living in this beautiful country I have learnt so little about our complex history is not only upsetting but deeply embarrassing. Sure I could blame it on the school system; unfortunately myself and most of my peers were not taught “black history”Continue reading “The more I learn the less I know: A visit to Soweto”

I love my city!

“I had a great weekend!” I proclaimed rather exuberantly to anyone that offered up the perfunctory “How was your weekend?” Monday coffee time banalities. Well, to be honest, the lady washing up the tea cups in the communal kitchen didn’t ask, but I thought she should know in any case. So, where to start? PerhapsContinue reading “I love my city!”