Welcome to the Western Cape- Please mind the gap

I’ve always harboured the belief that I could live in the Western Cape or in Cape Town, the mother city of South Africa. That aching beautiful coastline where white sandy beaches meet tortoise water. The wine farms, lush and green with abundance. That three hours out of Cape Town in almost any direction is aContinue reading “Welcome to the Western Cape- Please mind the gap”

Women in the workplace: Two reasons why we won’t let each other win

When I was a young girl my mother told me of how she earned less money than my father did when they both started working as teachers. I remember hearing the story and thinking that the world in the late seventies/early eighties was not only ridiculous, but also backward. It made no sense to me.Continue reading “Women in the workplace: Two reasons why we won’t let each other win”

Everyday Racism: The “Good Guy” aka the benevolent racist

Let’s preface this blog with a disclaimer; I love creating villains. To create a villain is to bask in the ideology that I am right and that I have been wronged. It truly is a beautiful space where absolutely no thinking occurs, and I can spend the currency of my intellect picking dirt from underContinue reading “Everyday Racism: The “Good Guy” aka the benevolent racist”

Borneo: I was a different woman two leech bites ago

For Louise, because I owe you a story… Forget the lushness of the forest; the shades of green so recklessly plentiful. Forget the determination of people in Borneo; houses build to defy the ocean currents and the steep rock faces. Forget all of it, I want to write about leeches. Having spent so much timeContinue reading “Borneo: I was a different woman two leech bites ago”

Sutherland: Searching For The Stars

Nostalgia clouds and softens a memory of the first time I heard of Sutherland, a sleepy town too tiny to be called small. Of course, the man doing the telling was in himself an enigma, a learned man who had spent decades of his life looking towards the heavens. He worked in relative isolation andContinue reading “Sutherland: Searching For The Stars”

(Un)Happy Womens Day?

In South Africa, we celebrated Women’s Day yesterday, we sent each other messages about the strength of women, we wished other women a happy women’s day, we decorated our messages with flowers. But what did it all mean? Did we stop to have conversations about how gender bias still exists in our homes, in ourContinue reading “(Un)Happy Womens Day?”

Appreciating the Double Take of Misery

The double take of misery. That’s how I want to start this blog, with gloom and drama, also I sort of like the way it sounds. The double take of misery is what I found myself doing a few minutes ago when a grainy-headache inducing screen sealed my fate by placing the word “delayed” nextContinue reading “Appreciating the Double Take of Misery”

It’s a “doggy-dog” world

Husband and I have some of our most frustrating conversations in the car. Well, perhaps calling it a conversation is being generous.  More often than not, it’s entirely one-sided rambling on my part about a variety of “interesting” topics, like for instance how I’ve discovered the exact quantity of Easter eggs one should eat inContinue reading “It’s a “doggy-dog” world”

Conversations with myself: Happy birthday Denira

This is weird. Well, I suppose not really weird because I have a constant dialog in my head throughout most of the day but it’s odd to talk to myself through the words on the screen this way. Anyway, before I get into a tailspin around my weirdness, let me get down to business. HappyContinue reading “Conversations with myself: Happy birthday Denira”