I think you’re pretty (ugly)

Husband is somewhere along the west coast of our African motherland and I find myself looking at his profile picture as we chat during what has become a ritualist nightly call. He has stolen my picture for his own and it features the two of us smiling stupid happy holiday smiles, you know the kind.Continue reading “I think you’re pretty (ugly)”

Why it’s okay to hate your husband and other tales from a bad wife

Husband is eating a mushroom but by the sound of things he might as well be crunching on concrete. That he is at least 500km away from me at the moment does nothing to dampen the sound of his chewing or my anger. “You know people wont even be surprised when I kill you, inContinue reading “Why it’s okay to hate your husband and other tales from a bad wife”

The Girl Who Learnt to Love Learning

School terrified me. Every afternoon after enduring the trauma of pre-school I would cast aside my favourite possession, a brown rectangular suitcase type of bag that I am sure was constructed from cardboard, and fling myself onto the ground of my grandparent’s driveway. My grandmother would soothe away the hysterics, never once eluding to factContinue reading “The Girl Who Learnt to Love Learning”

Meritocracy and other lies my mother told me

When I was younger I was fascinated by the size of my mother’s hands. They always seemed so large when she was ready to give me a smack but so delicate and lady like whenever she painted her nails the blood red she favoured. I wondered then how such a dichotomy could exist in oneContinue reading “Meritocracy and other lies my mother told me”

To my mother on her 60th birthday

I am good at things. Well, not too many things, but a select few (like being mean to Husband, or loving my dogs or not brushing my hair). But somehow in thinking about my mother, in thinking of a way to celebrate her, I feel desperately lacking.  It’s not that she’s set an impossible standard,Continue reading “To my mother on her 60th birthday”

Talking to White People About Curry

Two things. One, this is a rant, its prone to be a bit snarky and sarcastic and boy am I going to over-exaggerate. And two, I get it, seriously I do. Even as someone who did not grow up eating curry, I can still appreciate the flavour and how the smell of a curry isContinue reading “Talking to White People About Curry”

D is for Depression

It was the simple, unflinching truth spoken. It was moment so sharp, so sincere, that I could not help but be moved by it. A work colleague opens up and choses to share his vulnerability with the team and I am uncharacteristically at a loss for words. He talks of his depression. He talks ofContinue reading “D is for Depression”