October: A month in review

It’s odd to face the first day of this new month, it feels like years have passed since the start of October. I read a blog recently that said that in order to live healthier, happier lives, we should learn to reward ourselves, something that I personally find difficult to do. But for some reason,Continue reading “October: A month in review”

Green mangoes for the soul

Green mangoes. I almost want to capitalise the words. GREEN MANGOES. There, that feels more indicative of my feelings. There are very few other things that are so strongly evocative of my childhood (of course there is MacGyver but I’m still smarting from my unrequited love so we’ll exclude him for the moment). Green mangoesContinue reading “Green mangoes for the soul”

A three-step Staffy readiness programme

Almost two years ago, my fat piglet of a dog (yes that makes sense to me) Lola first entered this world and knowing Lola, I think she made a fuss of that first appearance. She has a dusty coating of brown in her otherwise black hair, expressive ears that appear overexaggerated and she, like herContinue reading “A three-step Staffy readiness programme”

There’s a Korean in my backyard

I have a hair trigger reflex when it comes to adding new destinations to my travel bucket list. It’s as if the travel monster necessitates regular feeding although it’s hunger will never be satiated and of course, in a desire to please, I myself am all too eager to feed it. This past weekend, afterContinue reading “There’s a Korean in my backyard”

Barefoot beers and a bromance

Our waitress walks towards us carrying a shoe. Well she’s actually holding the laces of a shoe and trying unsuccessfully to stifle a laugh. She stops at our table and says “If you drink this beer you will have to give me your shoe”. I glance at my semi consumed beer in it’s golden gloryContinue reading “Barefoot beers and a bromance”

All things wild and wonderful in the Waterberg Mountains

Upon arriving at the Hanglip Mountain Lodge I am greeted by a giraffe, well actually the bum of a giraffe who is sipping from a small pond, it’s long legs splayed awkwardly, neck craned at an impossible angle. Immediately, I decide that the giraffe will be my friend, scratch that, best friend. I unimaginatively nameContinue reading “All things wild and wonderful in the Waterberg Mountains”