What if today, all you did was be kind?

In a world where it’s cool to be mean, what if today, all you did was be kind?

D is for Depression

It was the simple, unflinching truth spoken. It was moment so sharp, so sincere, that I could not help but be moved by it. A work colleague opens up and choses to share his vulnerability with the team and I am uncharacteristically at a loss for words. He talks of his depression. He talks ofContinue reading “D is for Depression”

I’m throwing my funeral, you coming?

“So, I was thinking, I want you to be desperately unhappy when I die,” I say altogether too excitedly to Husband who doesn’t glance up from behind his menu. “Hmmm, do you think I should eat the fish? I probably should eat the fish,” I see Husband tapping his chin, clearly only concerned about theContinue reading “I’m throwing my funeral, you coming?”

Oh great, you’re getting married…

I remember getting engaged. Now I look back and wonder why I needed a man to commit to understand my place in our relationship, and the idea of one person asking to be bound to another by promising a shiny piece of metal and an overachieving piece of coal seems impossibly frivolous. But back thenContinue reading “Oh great, you’re getting married…”

Happy 90th Birthday Tha Tha

There is some magic in the air today. Some brightness in the sky, some imagination hidden within the light plumes of cloud that invoke the idea that you have uncapped potential waiting to be released. I’ve always thought that today was a special day, the 19th of January. It is a day that means something,Continue reading “Happy 90th Birthday Tha Tha”

Standing in the shadow of death

“Press harder ma’am. That’s it, keep going” The paramedic’s voice is calm yet forceful, his presence is large yet not suffocating. “Fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen. Eighteen. Nineteen…” There is a strange rhythm to the numbers that I seem to exhale with every exertion. I shut my eyes and push down harder. I cannot look at myContinue reading “Standing in the shadow of death”

The Curious Case of the Detachable Penis

Do you know what’s weird about me? I like thinking deeply about things, things I don’t understand, things I want to explore, things that interest me. I swear, inside my brain there is a senile old man pushing a wheelbarrow, traversing through my experiences and collecting stray ideas and thoughts before arriving at my frontContinue reading “The Curious Case of the Detachable Penis”

An Evening with Arundhati Roy: The Politics of Post-Its and Green Lipstick

Last Thursday, as I entered my home after the Johannesburg event, “An Evening with Arundhati Roy”, there was a fair amount of sulking and foot dragging as I placed my unhappily unsigned copies of “The God of Small Things” and “The Ministry of Utmost Happiness” on my kitchen counter. The thicker of the two books,Continue reading “An Evening with Arundhati Roy: The Politics of Post-Its and Green Lipstick”