What if White people were criminals too?

Now before you think I’m throwing stones, let me first remind you that I do live in a proverbial glass house here, I too have deeply ingrained prejudice that is at times very difficult to shake, so I write this now more to explore my own thoughts than anything else. But before I get aheadContinue reading “What if White people were criminals too?”

Icons of Apartheid

I’m at a fairly dodgy neighbourhood haunt. Not dodgy in the way that might get you killed but dodgy in the way that you feel a distinct need to wipe down any surfaces before touching them. There is a group of us around the table and the mood is jovial, it is a Friday, theContinue reading “Icons of Apartheid”

1991: The first Black children are allowed into White schools

I want to say that the 90’s was a weird period in time, but to use the word “weird” to describe South Africa during the 90’s seems insipid and trivial. Of course, to describe myself and my experiences during the that decade, insipid and trivial hits the nail on the head. So, let’s go withContinue reading “1991: The first Black children are allowed into White schools”

There goes the neighbourhood

I am excited, maybe even beyond excited. I’m a child getting an ice cream excited, in fact I’m a child eating ice cream excited. A mixed-race couple has moved in next door! Now wait, before you think that I have never seen or been in the presence of a mixed-race couple, let me assure youContinue reading “There goes the neighbourhood”

The poor whites

My mother is the kind of woman who adopts just about anything and anyone. She is selflessly generous if you find yourself in need and I had grown up with her voice in my head constantly saying “treat others how you would like to be treated”. So very early into our democracy, I was shockedContinue reading “The poor whites”

“He called me a kaffir”

We all have moments in our lives that define us. For me, these moments happen quite unexpectedly and without ceremony. Like when I first learned to swim in the ocean; a great beast of a wave became untethered, tearing a path towards me, its great white bubbling peak grew greedy, desperate. I was too inexperiencedContinue reading ““He called me a kaffir””

I’m not racist but…

Now I am far from perfect but there are few things that aggravate me more than: People who say “I’m not racist, but…” and then proceed to contradict themselves (these are perhaps also the same folks who like to tell you how they “have a Black /White /Indian /Coloured friend” or how much they likeContinue reading “I’m not racist but…”

The more I learn the less I know: A visit to Soweto

To think that in my 31 odd years of being South African and living in this beautiful country I have learnt so little about our complex history is not only upsetting but deeply embarrassing. Sure I could blame it on the school system; unfortunately myself and most of my peers were not taught “black history”Continue reading “The more I learn the less I know: A visit to Soweto”