Confessions from the red-light district: Amsterdam

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I am in marketplace like no other I have been in before. Women in glass boxes arch their bodies invitingly, pretty young whores like mannequins who have come alive in store windows. Throngs of tourists stop to stare and point at the window displays. Bright lights complete for my attentionContinue reading “Confessions from the red-light district: Amsterdam”

5 Things you’d rather not hear when setting off on a new adventure

We’ve all been there, the adrenalin pumped moments before you’re ready to set off to the airport, passport in hand, constantly thinking that you’ve forgotten something, maybe you’ve left the iron on (wait, if I own an iron why are my clothes always so creased?), maybe you’ve left the stove on (you know that largeContinue reading “5 Things you’d rather not hear when setting off on a new adventure”

Wining, weekending and losing my voice in the Western Cape

  You should be grateful that I am typing out this story as opposed to telling it because I happen to sound like a chain smoking 90-year-old prostitute (not that I really know what that sounds like) but the less said about me losing my voice the better. But yes, onto more exciting things. Who doesn’tContinue reading “Wining, weekending and losing my voice in the Western Cape”

The Amazon Part Three: My Anaconda don’t want none…

There are moments in the jungle where time does not seem to exist. The sun, a jealous lover, seeks to find a stray foot or arm outstretched from a colourful hammock so that it may bite and burn while we consume the stillness around us. It entices us by casting shimmering rays to catch theContinue reading “The Amazon Part Three: My Anaconda don’t want none…”

The Amazon Part Two: Piranha Soup!

It’s dinner time and after getting my canoe stuck in a treetop (actually multiple treetops) in the flooded forest, I am famished. Food in the jungle has been both delicious and abundant and we all gather together at mealtimes to sit at a large table above which hangs a light fitting made from the scalesContinue reading “The Amazon Part Two: Piranha Soup!”

The Amazon – Part one

Tentatively my hand reaches toward the dark reflective surface and when I feel the warmth on my fingers I realise that I have been holding my breath. The darkness of the Rio Negro is not beckoning, it does not tempt me, it’s opaque surface cunningly hides whatever lays beneath and yet I am captivated. IContinue reading “The Amazon – Part one”