I’m throwing my funeral, you coming?

“So, I was thinking, I want you to be desperately unhappy when I die,” I say altogether too excitedly to Husband who doesn’t glance up from behind his menu. “Hmmm, do you think I should eat the fish? I probably should eat the fish,” I see Husband tapping his chin, clearly only concerned about theContinue reading “I’m throwing my funeral, you coming?”

Standing in the shadow of death

“Press harder ma’am. That’s it, keep going” The paramedic’s voice is calm yet forceful, his presence is large yet not suffocating. “Fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen. Eighteen. Nineteen…” There is a strange rhythm to the numbers that I seem to exhale with every exertion. I shut my eyes and push down harder. I cannot look at myContinue reading “Standing in the shadow of death”


Death. I have trouble writing about this, I have trouble speaking or dealing with this. I do not want to accept the fact that all life is fragile and finite, I need to believe that we will all be around forever. But it’s never that simple; people die. Young, old, rich or poor, there isContinue reading “#prayforus”