(Un)Happy Womens Day?

In South Africa, we celebrated Women’s Day yesterday, we sent each other messages about the strength of women, we wished other women a happy women’s day, we decorated our messages with flowers. But what did it all mean? Did we stop to have conversations about how gender bias still exists in our homes, in ourContinue reading “(Un)Happy Womens Day?”

The Curious Case of the Detachable Penis

Do you know what’s weird about me? I like thinking deeply about things, things I don’t understand, things I want to explore, things that interest me. I swear, inside my brain there is a senile old man pushing a wheelbarrow, traversing through my experiences and collecting stray ideas and thoughts before arriving at my frontContinue reading “The Curious Case of the Detachable Penis”

The feminist who did not know her name

“So, you’re some kind of feminist then?” He makes a face like he’s just taken a drink of milk that’s gone sour before he recovers and smirks at me. He knows that his position commands authority, he knows that “feminism” is an ugly, dirty word and that what he really wants is my obeisance. ThereContinue reading “The feminist who did not know her name”

Who died at my wedding?

Am I the only person who is more than just a little perturbed by how weird most wedding speeches are? I’ve attended wedding after wedding where speeches consist of a strange but predictable formula; a list of previous accomplishments (academic, climbing the corporate ladder, being great at taking selfies or whatever the kids are doingContinue reading “Who died at my wedding?”