My Mother, My Home

I’m looking for a picture. My mother is a teenager sitting at a dinner table and everything about her is defiant. From the straight line of her forearm, elbow propped on the table, chin cradled in hand, to the look of disdain in her eyes, eyes that stare right through the picture at me. EyesContinue reading “My Mother, My Home”

Tattoos and time machines

Every time I undress in front of my gran (which is not that frequent- I don’t just go around removing my clothes in front of others willy nilly), she has the same reaction “You have those things all over your body! Doesn’t it hurt to put that thing on your body?” My gran is almostContinue reading “Tattoos and time machines”

“He called me a kaffir”

We all have moments in our lives that define us. For me, these moments happen quite unexpectedly and without ceremony. Like when I first learned to swim in the ocean; a great beast of a wave became untethered, tearing a path towards me, its great white bubbling peak grew greedy, desperate. I was too inexperiencedContinue reading ““He called me a kaffir””