Talking to White People About Curry

Two things. One, this is a rant, its prone to be a bit snarky and sarcastic and boy am I going to over-exaggerate. And two, I get it, seriously I do. Even as someone who did not grow up eating curry, I can still appreciate the flavour and how the smell of a curry isContinue reading “Talking to White People About Curry”

What if White people were criminals too?

Now before you think I’m throwing stones, let me first remind you that I do live in a proverbial glass house here, I too have deeply ingrained prejudice that is at times very difficult to shake, so I write this now more to explore my own thoughts than anything else. But before I get aheadContinue reading “What if White people were criminals too?”

I am a child of God

I am about to fail a maths test; arriving late to the lecture venue, the only available seat I find is next to a pale, skinny, unfamiliar young man. His blond hair falls flat against his forehead and before I take my seat he greets me as he would an old friend. Warmed by hisContinue reading “I am a child of God”

“He called me a kaffir”

We all have moments in our lives that define us. For me, these moments happen quite unexpectedly and without ceremony. Like when I first learned to swim in the ocean; a great beast of a wave became untethered, tearing a path towards me, its great white bubbling peak grew greedy, desperate. I was too inexperiencedContinue reading ““He called me a kaffir””