There goes the neighbourhood

I am excited, maybe even beyond excited. I’m a child getting an ice cream excited, in fact I’m a child eating ice cream excited. A mixed-race couple has moved in next door! Now wait, before you think that I have never seen or been in the presence of a mixed-race couple, let me assure youContinue reading “There goes the neighbourhood”

How not to watch Stephen King’s IT

I have always loved reading Stephen King. In my “youth” I would scour the shelves of our local library eager to devour any King book that I hadn’t already been through. His knack for storytelling bewildered and enthralled me. So, I am a Stephen King fan, a huge one at that but all sense ofContinue reading “How not to watch Stephen King’s IT”

Barefoot beers and a bromance

Our waitress walks towards us carrying a shoe. Well she’s actually holding the laces of a shoe and trying unsuccessfully to stifle a laugh. She stops at our table and says “If you drink this beer you will have to give me your shoe”. I glance at my semi consumed beer in it’s golden gloryContinue reading “Barefoot beers and a bromance”